Speech Topics

Speaking engagements featuring Barbara McVicker are
emotional, content-filled, interactive, theatrical, and dynamic.
Choose from topics that provide invaluable information:

**UPDATE: New Keynote Speech

Are You Ready? Your kids, your retirement, aging parents.

Barbara’s new presentation provides emotional support, essential information and helpful tips for aging adults, the adult child caregivers, and the whole family.


  • Aging: Everyone’s Doing It!
  • Waiting for the Crisis…Then We’ll Talk
  • Adult Siblings – Everyone Shares in the Care
  • Caregiver Challenges and Cures
  • 3 Generations of Preparedness: Planning Across the Ages
  • Caregivers in the Workforce: Balancing Work and Care
  • Maneuvering the 10 Speed Bumps of Caregiving
  • Family Dynamics: Sibling Headaches
  • Long Distance Caregiving
  • Rewards of Caregiving
  • 5 Stages of Caregiving
  • 9 Tips for Helping Mom Decide to Move
  • Dementia: Recognizing Alzheimer’s and Dementias
  • 12 Ways to Age Well
  • Depression: The Caregiver and The Elderly
  • Caregiving as Transformational
  • Life After Caregiving: Coping with Loss

  • HR Departments/Benefits/EAP
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • Hiring a Care Manager and Other Helpers
  • Housing Options
  • Hospital/Doctor Checklists
  • The Family Meeting
  • Needs Assessment checklist

  • Understanding your Caregiver Client
  • No Plan + No Action = Conflict
  • 3 Generations of Preparedness: Planning Across the Ages
  • Crucial Conversations: Communication
  • Branding and Emotional Marketing
  • Financial and Emotional Burdens of Caregiving
  • Benefits for the Advisor and Client
  • 4 Powerful Tools
  • Action Plan: Checklist
  • Sooner Than Later: Are you Ready?
  • Hiring a Care Manager and Other Helpers
  • Legacy Matters: Ethical Wills
  • 15 Actions to Take When a Crisis Hits
  • Financial Burdens: Money Matters
  • 6 Documents You and Your Parents Must Have
  • Long-term Care insurance
  • The High Cost of Waiting