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LeadershipNOW: Barbara McVicker – Taking Care of the Elderly During a Pandemic



Listen to Barbara’s appearance on the LeadershipNOW podcast. In this episode, Barbara prepares adult caregivers to face the special challenges of caring for their parents during the pandemic.







The CASH Podcast: “Stuck in the Middle” – Caring for Mom & Dad in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic







Industrial IoT Podcast by MarketScale : Save the People, Save the Bees

Listen to Barbara’s appearance on the Industrial IoT Podcast by MarketScale, entitled “Save the People, Save the Bees” from December 12, 2018.

Barbara discusses the role of technology in keeping close tabs on our loved ones.

The full podcast episode can found here: MarketScale Industrial IoT 12/12/18: Save the People, Save the Bees





LeadershipNOW® Podcast with Tom Mathews


Are You Ready To Take Care of Your Aging Parent? – Parts 1 and 2

Listen to Barbara on the LeadershipNOW® Podcast with Tom Mathews as she discusses the question “Are You Ready To Take Care of Your Aging Parents?”

Part 1

Part 2

LeadershipNOW® with Tom Mathews is the official vision and strategy podcast for WealthWave® leaders and features in-depth discussions on how to succeed as a financial services entrepreneur.





WOSU 89.7 FM

All Sides with Ann Fisher
The Care and Keeping of Parents






Interview by Joel Wrobbel
Caregiving: Balancing Family & Career
5 Phases of Caregiving
Caregiving: Emotions & Conflicts





Kind Ethics

Interview by Viki Kind
Barbara McVicker was a guest of Viki Kind MA. Caregivers and health care professionals were invited to call in with questions about caregiving, making the tough decisions, bioethics, helping your loved one access care, and death and dying.





Senior Forum Radio

Interview by Calvin Loshinskie
Barbara McVicker was featured on Senior Forum Radio discussing the plight of caregiving in America and offering tips for those “stuck in the middle”.

Sunny 95 Radio





Interview by Clark Conley


Barbara McVicker, eldercare expert and author of “Stuck In The Middle” discusses the challenges facing the “sandwich generation.”







Barbara shares great information and tips on caring for your elderly loved…in an MP3 downloadable format.