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Traveling with your aging parents

With so many of us now living with and caring for our parents, we are constantly searching for ways to incorporate that care into our daily lives…and our vacations.
Remember back when our travel plans required that we consider feedings, strollers, diaper changing, and play grounds? Now we are considering walkers, oxygen tanks, hydration, and benches for resting. It can be challenging to assure you have covered all your bases and assure everyone will have a smooth, enjoyable and a relaxing vacation.
Here are some tips:
1. Check with your parents’ primary care provider to assure everyone is healthy enough to travel.
2. Take copies of prescriptions, extra pairs of glasses, and sun protective clothing.
3. Contact transportation providers ahead of time to assure appropriate accommodations are available.
4. Choose vacation locations near medical facilities or equipment rental locations as needed.
5. Plan for frequent breaks.
6. Carry adequate water and snacks.
7. Carry copies of insurance cards, and know what providers in the area accept your parents’ insurance.
8. Place medications, creams, etc. in carry-on bags.
9. Ask your provider for a description of your parents’ medical situation and a brief medical history.
10. Leave your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend.
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