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Funeral planning is never a picnic, and this is likely why we are so often unprepared when the time comes.  Our failure to plan our own funerals forces our grief-stricken loved one to plan our funerals for us, at a time when they are working to process their own pain. It is no different for our parents.  As a caregiver to your parents, you are in the unique position of working with them to develop such a plan and avoid later pitfalls.  Below are 10 reasons to establish an End of Life Plan with your parents, and help them to leave your family with the gift of planning ahead.

1.    Not having plans in place causes much stress for surviving family members.

2.    Grieving family members are forced to make rapid, critical decisions, and may be unprepared to do so.

3.    With all the options to consider, costs add up quickly, and unexpectedly.

4.    It is challenging to make the most efficient and rational decisions while coping with the loss of a loved one.

5.    Family members may simply be incapable of making pivotal decisions amidst their grief.

6.    Family members who prefer to take control of the situation and make the necessary decisions may not be the best suited to do so.

7.    Stress, emotions, and personal preferences can lead to disagreements among family members.

8.    As multiple family members come together to plan, it can be difficult to integrate varying spiritual beliefs, preferences, and personal wishes.

9.    Reaching consensus on “what our loved one would have wanted” can be difficult.

10.    When multiple individuals are involved, logistics such as location, music, flowers, speakers, date, time, etc. can be hard to establish.

By establishing an End of Life Plan you free your loved ones to celebrate your life.  It is a gift of great love.

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