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Wall Street Journal — “When Siblings Step Up”

I was so fortunate to be quoted recently in the Wall Street Journal. Anne Tergesen wrote a fantastic piece called “When Siblings Step Up” which addressed the difficult circumstances which face siblings when caregiving an elderly parent.The article covered some great points, which I will highlight below:

  • Work together through the difficulties. Remember that it’s not just about you, and that you have the common goal of caring for your parent(s).
  • Fewer than 10% of adult children caregivers feel the burden is equally distributed.
  • The primary caregiver is like the CEO of a small nursing home. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to delegate tasks.
  • Work together with your siblings to establish a consensus. Write down a plan, assign roles, and make sure people are taking responsibility.

Francine Russo, author of the new book They’re Your Parents, Too! put it very appropriately. “Family caregivers are the backbone of the long-term care system in this country.” Remember, it’s ok to ask for help from friends and family, especially siblings!

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