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The Sandwich Generation

Caregiving for Yourself and Your Whole Family

It is estimated that 75 million Americans are caring for an elderly parent, many while working full time and caring for a family. This is the definition of the Sandwich Generation – sandwiched between taking care of 2 generations.

With the combination of baby boomers, advanced technologies, and great strides in modern medicine…people are living longer. As more and more of these boomers are growing older and living longer, this does not always translate into good things.

People age 85+ are the fastest growing segment of the population. As a result, today there are more than 50 Million people who are “stuck in the middle” dealing with their kids, career, and their elder parents. In total, there are more than 75 Million people today who are caring for an elderly parent…approximately 1 out of every four Americans.


Do you need a credible expert?

One out of every four American working adults are sandwiched between taking care of their young kids and their aging parents. Do you need a credible expert to discuss how this stressed-out population can cope with the constant demands on their time?

Barbara McVicker is one of the nation’s leading eldercare experts and national speakers for some of the largest companies, organizations, and healthcare institutions.

Barbara is based in Columbus, OH. With additional offices in Roanoke, VA, Madison, WI and Los Angeles, CA, Barbara travels frequently and is available for taped or live appearance or phone interview upon request.

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