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The Cost of Caregiving

The costs and time of caregiving will impact government and personal resources in ways that are just now emerging.

Family caregivers save society billions of dollars each year. With the elderly now being the fastest growing segment of the population, programs to meet the needs of the elderly will have to expand and consume more of the gross national product.

Did You Know?

  • 1/4 of the population is caregiving the elderly
  • 2/3 of caregivers are employed outside of the home
  • 84% have made adjustments to work-life in order to caregive
  • 21% of employers offer eldercare benefits
  • 80% of home care services are provided by family caregivers
  • 50% of nursing home expenses are paid directly by the elderly or their families
  • $400-$700 out-of-pocket paid monthly by the adult child
  • Adult child will devote 10-15 years caregiving their elderly parents

Barbara McVicker

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