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Searching for someone who truly understands

I recently received an email from a lady who was searching for someone who really understands the challenges of caregiving elderly parents. It was sad that her parents were her greatest supporters, her cheerleaders while growing up, and now they are not capable of telling her those encouraging words. She misses that so much.

After she looked through my website she thought that the 2 most important items to her were (1) to have a network and (2) for parents to share their information with their children. I personally would add that caregiving impacts all 3 generations.

She goes on to say, “As one doctor has said to me – it is like a marathon…however, I would call it more like a triathlon – Ironman. Also, it feels like a rite of passage. This time in my life has been extremely challenging. Most of my peers (including my husband) have not been through this, so, it has made me feel lonely at times. Not to mention you are faced with figuring out who you really are. You are taken away from the life you consider “normal” with the hopes that you will be able to come back to it again – living in a little fear and knowing you will most likely not have that “normal” feeling again.

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