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Driving Tests

My staff and I laughed out loud when we read the responses to a recent article in a Virginia newspaper. The newspaper published an OP ED about an elderly lady who hit a 7 year old girl. The little girl ran out in the street to retrieve a ball, was hit by an elderly driver, and later the girl died. The editorial said that it was time to discuss administering drivers test every 2 years for people over a certain age.

The following were some of the irate responses the newspaper received.
—“I am 93 years old and I’m a defensive driver. I drive below the speed limit in the right lane. I drive with my right foot on the accelerator and my left foot on the brake.”
—“I am senior driver. If a child were to run into the street, he and his parents had better hope and pray that the care that hits him belongs to a watchful, slower-moving senior and not to my 30-year old son who can’t take his foot off the gas”.
—“I am fuming about the essay. He did not mention the thousands who are killed by pot-smoking, texting, daydreaming and drunk adults of all ages. I am 90 years old. Take my driving away from me, and they may as well wrap me up completely. I will know when I am endangering myself and others.”

I have told my kids that I will willingly hand over my car keys when they ask me to. I am hopeful that day is 20+ years in the future, and I am not certain if at that point I might get angry and insulted. Check back with me in a couple of decades!

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