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PEW Study

Caregiving elderly parents is a national issue that will overwhelm us in the near future. A PEW Study discussed some of the issues that impact the rising need for family members to care for their aging parents. “As more people are able to be saved by medical advances, their lives are being extended, but they are also being sent home medically fragile.” Most caregivers are not trained to handle the very complicated regiment that newly discharged parents need.

Baby Boomers will need to have RN or MD degrees to keep their parents healthy. They will also need to figure out how to pay for their own retirement while also giving up to 10% of their pay checks to support their elderly parents. Boomers wonder if they will ever be able to retire. The slowing economy is squeezing all generations. There are more 3 generations living together than ever before. The graying of America will stress all of our institutions.

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