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Law of Protection of Rights and Interests of the Aged

China has a law that requires grown children to look after their parents who are 60 years or older. Grown children must visit at least every 1-2 months and on holidays. The wording of “frequently” visit written into law is to make certain children see that their elderly parent’s financial and spiritual needs are met.

All countries going forward will have difficulties caring for the elderly. We balance health care on the backs of families caring for each other. In the US 85% of care is done for free by family. That cannot be sustained with more single women, both spouses working, dispersed families, very complicated care regiments, economic stresses, living longer, declining birth rates, and the impact of factors that we have not even begun to imagine.

The questions are: What will we do as a nation to have the elderly age with grace and support? What are we going to do to support the Baby Boomers who are overwhelmed and stuck in the middle of kids, career, and taking care of aging parents?

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