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Family Responsibilities Discrimination

A new article in the New York Times, shines a light on the problems employed caregivers jobs can encounter. It suggests that it may be easier to take time off to care of your children than to care for your parents. Thanks to FMLA you can take time away from your job to care for your family. The trouble for caregivers in the workplace stems from trying to accommodate alternative work arrangements. Companies are often wary to make the adjustments that would allow employees to do their jobs, as well as care for their aging parents.

We can anticipate the need for childcare and know about how long it is going to last. The need for eldercare is often sudden and the length of time is unpredictable. These differences call for a change in the language used for constructing family leave laws. The law that allows parents to care for children, when more inclusive language is applied, could also allow the Baby Boomers to effectively take care of their elderly parents.

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