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Should your elderly parent stop driving?

Approaching the subject of driving should be taken in very strategic steps. The first step should be to ride along with your elderly parent. The more obvious signs that your parent shouldn’t be driving are getting lost and diminished vision. If theses signs aren’t apparent, check for slowed reaction times and a safe distance. Be sure to take note of appropriate speed and their ability to complete complicated maneuvers.

If you don’t quite have a clear case for suggesting that you parent not drive start setting parameters. Asking them to drive only during the day, in good weather, in familiar places and staying off interstates are good ways to keep everyone safe and still allow them freedom.

If your parent really should not be driving consider asking a third party to help take the keys. Asking a doctor, AAA course, the DMV, insurance agent, or friend to help may make the difference. Remember when taking something away, have solutions ready and in place. Some options are public transportation, riding with friends, Share-a-Ride and your Local Area on Aging may even be helpful.

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