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Expert Guest Blogger:

Productivity Coach Meggin McIntosh


  1. Tip more than is expected.  Significantly more.  Whenever you get great service provided by someone you know will be surprised by your gesture, provide a generous tip.
  2. Treat yourself as if you’re worth it.  You are.  What do you need to do to care for yourself?  Do it. 
  3. Be as patient with your family and loved ones as you are with your customers and clients.  Caregiving takes a toll on everyone and you can rest assured that everyone needs others to be patient.
  4. Treat time as more valuable than money. “Spend” some time on yourself.  You can get more money but you won’t ever get more time.
  5. Remember how you are making a difference through your work and/or personal life.  Whether your role as a caregiver is paid or volunteer, the work you do matters.  Remind yourself of that each day (or each hour).
  6. Be gracious to everyone around you, especially those who are somewhat or significantly younger or older than you are.  True graciousness is rare and you will stand out when you demonstrate that attribute.  Everyone benefits.
  7. Write things on your “to-do” list that you did that day and then cross them off.  You may feel you aren’t getting anything done when you are a caregiver.  Giving yourself some small wins and recognition that you ARE getting things done is a way to remind yourself that you are.
  8. Consider what you have to be thankful for–both the “big” things and the “small” things.  Keep a journal.  Write items on post-it® notes.  Put reminders around your environment, just in case you forget.
  9. Bake cookies or make a crock pot of soup and give some to your neighbors or others who are supporting you in what you’re doing.  Enjoy the smell and the sense of giving.
  10. Hug someone who needs it (especially your pets)!  We all need as many hugs as we can get – and giving hugs ensures that you get hugged in return.

Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. is known as the “Ph.D. of Productivity™ and she publishes several no-cost tips series for interested professionals who want to be “just whelmed.”  To learn more, go here:


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