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Caregiving is a marathon

Too often we underestimate the time obligation of caregiving.  Adult children step up to be the primary hands-on caregiver having no idea that they may spend as much time caring for their parents as they spent raising their children. Read…

Elderly Depression

Depression affects approximately 20% of people over the age of sixty-five, yet only about one in six is treated appropriately.  Depression is a treatable medical condition, not a natural part of the aging process. To further complicate the issue, 80% of those over 65 have at least one chronic condition, and 50% have 2 or more.  The burden of living with a chronic condition, particularly one not well managed can increase the liklihood of experiencing depression.  As you care for your parents, report any of these symptoms to your parents’ doctor: Read…

Healthy Aging Through Food

We all know that a low salt, low fat diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and fiber can reduce the risk of age related risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.  However, there are lots of other foods out there.  Can you eat those other foods and still experience healthy aging?  Yes! Read…

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